Monday, 8 May 2017

Moving on

As I'm writing this it's my last official day of 'living at home'. I was born and raised in a cottage in Somerset and we've never, ever moved. Driving 1 1/2 hours to the East is a complete culture shock to me, it's genuinely as if I've risen in some weird alien country and no one knows what a Combine Harvester is??? What's that all about huh?? 

I'm moving up to Surrey to a place that's around 35 min train from London. To get a round of drinks I'd honestly have to sell my kidney whereas a £10 note here would get me a round of drinks AND a kebab. There's actual real public transport here and I don't have to drive 20 mins to get to a train station. In fact if I jumped over the fence next to my flat I'd be IN the train station. It's going to be so different for me and amazing, but also there's a bad part.
I suffer from intense anxiety. I dwell on everything. Remember that time a mum shouted at me 2 years ago for not giving her a 5p bag? Oh you don't? I do. I have panic attacks when I'm away from people for too long and sometimes my body is like "Wahey Amy! Let's go lurking to see what can upset you today!". This is gonna be the hardest step for me. It still hasn't really clicked that I'm actually moving out and I can't rely on my parents anymore, and that's a part of my anxiety. It separates situations and as I suffer from derealisation it makes things x10 worse. Will Amy die from anxiety? Find out next week!

All in all I am extremely excited to start this new chapter of my life. I get to be up by my friends and be involved with things. I might even get a social life. Probably not. I've also got a shit tonne of homeware including a COFFEE MACHINE!! And a BEAN BAG!! Look at me, adulting n' that. 

Cool bye 

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