Saturday, 30 December 2017

2017 - an emotional recap

2017 is drawing to a close now, and what a hell of a year it’s been. Rather than diving in immediately to resolutions and things I’d like to work on in 2018 I thought I’d reflect on what the heck I’ve done this year. This year has been the biggest rollercoaster (not literally unfortunately) for me. Here’s some achievements and things I’ve done which I’m pretty damn proud of.

Said goodbye and hello
I had a tough run at the end of 2016. My head wasn’t sure where it was and I didn’t really know what to do, so in 2017 I needed to make sure I was being quietly selfish, focusing on myself for once. I left behind toxic friendships and a relationship, and now, nearly 12 months on, I’m so much more confident and happy in myself. The anxiety was such a massive weight to shift and even though it didn’t fix everything I definitely am happier. Saying goodbye to people is hard but doing it is bloody liberating. I’ve made so many amazing friends in the last few months which is something I really struggled with when I was younger and my boyfriend is a pretty swell guy.

Changing career goals
I made the (stupid) choice of going to university, and I hated it. I’m not someone who thrives well in an educational place, I like to be free and follow routes career wise and I definitely felt limited when at Uni. I discovered make-up was more so a hobby than something I wanted to professionally get into (plus all those PowerPoints I had to sit through about being self employed really scared me). I’ve actually more-so gone down an acting route now but I get to use my make-up when needed in my jobs, but ultimately I’d like to get onto more creative and social media type jobs. 2018 is the year I apply for literally anything fun I want, despite lack of experience, because fuck it. Life is for taking risks, and I like this risk more than jumping off a cliff blindfolded. And obviously I moved 100+ Miles which I can’t seem to shut up about, and there’s so many more job opportunities in the London area compared to Somerset. No tractors for meeeee!

I was someone who’d rarely every mix up their look. Skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a parka was what I used to wear for about 2 years of my life. I’d never DARE dream of wearing bright and clashing colours, I wouldn’t wear shoes that weren’t vans and I sported a winged eyeliner look every day. But this year I’ve put my foot right in it- my make-up is completely experimental. I even wear glitter and shimmer shadows in my crease (shock horror sorry) and black lipstick is my new best friend. In fact, I barely even have wings anymore. PVC, fur, mesh, denim, anything a bit ‘alternative’ is something I feel incredibly confident in, which makes a change from the days of hiding in oversized shirts. I would say scene kid Amy is dying out but I keep changing my hair colour every 2 weeks so we all know that’s a lie.

Wow adulting is FUN. In the past whenever I’ve been on holiday I’ve always had someone to kind of steer me in the right direction, but this time I pretty much planned the whole trip by myself. We only made a short trip to Disneyland Paris, but going to a foreign country can be quite scary. I didn’t kill anyone or die so I must’ve been ok at it! Not to mention we hit barely any queues and got to ride everything in one day. I’m really looking forward to planning more holidays in 2018, and getting to some new parks cough Phantasialand cough.

Looking back on this I want to make some goals for 2018 that are achievable and for my own benefit. Cos I’m a hot pot of rice who don’t need no side dish.


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