Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Theme Park Prep

Going to new places is exciting and fun, but can also be super stressful, especially when going to a Theme Park. Even I, someone who thinks they know everything, get a bit flustered at the thought of a new adventure, so I'm gonna write down a few tips and tricks I've picked up on over the years to help any park virgins to give the best experience you can.

First of all which seems really obvious, know what park you're going to. Find out transport details and where it actually is. Some parks can be a short walk from stations whereas others you may need a bus or a taxi for. As I'm not legally allowed to drive in other countries I have to go the normie way and look at other means of transport, but luckily in the UK they willingly gave me my license so I'm pretty much sorted. How much is parking? (too much) How much is the bus? How much is my will to live? Blah blah, all adult questions but all ones that'll save you money in the long run. When going to other countries looking up on coaster forums will really help you understand what you need to do to get to said park.

Crowd calendars! Now, crowd calendars can really help when trip planning. When I went to Disneyland Paris this year we checked the times we could go then compared them to a crowd calendar to get the full potential from our trip (hint: DLP is super quiet just after the Halloween period and just before the Christmas Period in November. Space Mountain = 10 minute wait *heart eyes*) Also, when I went to Florida last year, I worked around how busy the parks were going to be as I wasn't really fussed when I went, I just planned for it, and because of this I hit soft opening on Reign of Kong and got to ride Mako just after it opened when it was super quiet! They work by collecting data from previous years and doing an average or some high tech data stuff.  The websites I normally use are https://www.undercovertourist.com/orlando/crowd-calendar/December-2017/ and https://queue-times.com/parks. Also downloading any park apps on your phones will help keep track of queue times whilst you're on park to keep an eye on that coaster you wanna re-ride.

Plan plan plan. To an extent. Planning your day can really help, working out what side of the park you wanna start off in and then working your way around can help make the day run smoother and ensure you get any creds you want. Just remember you don't have to follow this completely, keeping an eye on queue times will probably change your initial plans quite quickly, but in doubt you can always refer back to it. Checking the weather forecast beforehand for the area will also give you an idea if any rides have to shut due to wind speeds or lots of rain. If it's super sunny in the morning do those flumes and if it gets cloudy in the afternoon get the #creds. Also jotting down any food places you wanna go to and finding the menu's beforehand can save hassle as most theme park food is hit or miss. If you've got any travellers with allergies or dietary requirements too it's also really nice (wow me, be nice? shock) to find somewhere which can cater for them. You'd be surprised how many places now work for vegans and GF people!

Have a day bag ready too, whether it be a rucksack or a holographic fanny pack. Pop in essentials such as painkillers (trusssss me for those Gerstlauers), phone chargers, make-up top-ups, a raincoat and money. You don't want to be walking around parks forgetting a cheap £1 poncho you were supposed to pack then having to fork out €5 for one. Be the mum of the pack, make sure everyone is suited and booted before you leave, it'll save you so much effort and un-needed stress. Pick up all of the maps you can find, too! Not only are they actually helpful but they're a cute little thing to make a collection of to reminisce on the times you actually did something with your life.

Sounds pretty simple but just having these things in a little mental checklist can make things run as smooth as possible. Also don't forget park entry because I know that pain. And always wear waterproof make-up. Always


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