Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Lovers and Losers - January 2018

January has been a weird one. I can't tell if it's gone super quick, or super slow?? All I know is that I don't actually know what day it is. Or time. I'm so confused.

Thought I'd do a favourites type of thing, but give it that horror twist rather than being a basic 'favourites'! The names speak for themselves, but if you are a little slow, Lovers are my faves and Losers are my not-so faves. Goddit?

The Body Shop - Shine Lip Liquid in Cherry Gum
Matte lips have been my fave thing for a loooong time, but recently I've wanted a change. Lip gloss has been a taboo subject for a while as it's kinda compared back to the early 2000's when we'd all be wearing a thick layer from Claire's. I've got a few glosses in the past but a lot are either super sticky, barely have colour or smell like bleach. When I was browsing The Body Shop the other week I came across their Shine Lip Liquid. I immediately assumed it was gonna be a lip topper or metallic lip from the name, but when I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised. Cherry Gum is this beautiful red with a pink-ish undertone. It applies like a dream and isn't sticky, and when it wares off during the day it leaves your lips a beautiful stained red colour. I'm really hoping they're gonna bring out more shades of this in purples and deeper reds because I crave a vampy glossy lip.

Regal Rose - CUPID. Black Spinel Chevron Silver Ring
I've never, ever been a ring person. I'm really reeeeally self conscious of my hands because they look like toddlers hands with sausages as fingers. I bite my nails and I'm covered in freckles, so I'd always make an effort to hide or edit them in pictures. I've known about Regal Rose for a while, and I love their rings, so I asked for one for Christmas to try it out and I haven't been able to go without it since. It's delicate enough that it doesn't draw too much attention to my fingers, but still is a statement. The black spinel gemstone is gorgeous and it goes with everything. I'm gagging to get more to stack this now! Might have to get my nails done to look more insta friendly too...

Firebox - Unicorn Tears Gin
Probably the most on-trend drink of the millennial life. If I spill this down myself no one will care because it’s glitter and glitter makes everything one hundred times better. Even makes Unicorn farming seem ok. (It also tastes delicious) They've actually got several of these sparkly concoctions, including a pink version for Valentines Day and a black version like my heart.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 - Netflix
My boyfriend forced me to watch Season 1 last year and I was a bit 'meh' about it all until I started paying attention, now it's probably one of my favourite shows. I liked this season more than season 1 and I'm in love with Samuel Barnett. Can't really talk about this much without giving it away, but it's good I promise. Also dogs. 

mercury grls depop - 'Girls will be Girls' t-shirt
I've been trying to experiment with my style more recently, have a bold staple pair of trousers or coat or whatever and pair it up with something a bit tamer, but I was lacking a white slogan tee. 90% of the highstreet shops sell the cringiest ones, but I noticed Poppy had her own depop shop going on and was selling cute, empowering tshirts. I've only had this for a week or so but I keep wearing it so much. It smells. I'm ok with that. 


Rejection emails - EVERYWHERE

Your shitty response of 'We've had so many amazing applicants, but you lacked the experience' means nothing. Do. Not. Give. Me. That. Same. Excuse. Companies, please make your rejection emails more personal. Please actually write my name and not 'To ,' (lol true story) it isn't hard to set up mailto. 

Loser list was short, but that's because I haven't really been adventuring out of my comfort zone, next month I'm gonna have a full hit list. You watch.
Anything you've been liking over the last month? I'm sure this list will include theme parks soon because I am sad and craving one. 

Speak soon,


Sunday, 28 January 2018

Spending your teenage years depressed - A raw post

I’m lying in bed writing this wanting to ball my eyes out but feeling too empty and tired to do that. For the past 8 years of my life I have felt different to others, I have regular panic attacks, I feel nothing a lot, and I’m incredible emotionally sensitive. People say that your teen years are the best years of your life, but for me? Not really. I still don’t quite get why I’m like this, I grew up as an only child and my parents are the best ever and I could not wish for anything but pure happiness for them. I had, and I have, everything. But through it all, I’m still lying here at 1am with tears down my face.

Spending your teen years depressed could be seen as ‘romantic’ by an obnoxious tumblr poet. It is the complete opposite, it’s freaking out over the smallest thing, clawing at your body to feel something as you can’t feel the right emotions. It's literally having such a bad episode that you think you're body is going to go into overdrive and kill you off because someone made a shitty comment towards you. I never used to be like this, I could handle confrontation and be a little extroverted prick but now I will avoid it at all costs because it'll just reiterate what I think about myself anyway. 

That section of post was written at 1am the other night after a solid few days of rejections and shit news. Am I a weirdo for writing a blog post when I'm in that mood? Probably, yeah. But it helped. Venting my feelings helped a lot. I used to keep it all inside when I was younger, but now I just kind of cry to everyone. I have been reflecting more-so on my teen years (albeit I've only just entered my twenties) and how shitty they were. Can you imagine spending your grumpy teen years depressed and moping in your bedroom whilst everyone else was out in fields drinking Frosty Jacks and at house parties vomiting up their insides? Spoiler alert: It's shit. I wish I had taken action sooner because now I feel like I'm in a big circlejerk of the same story. I talk about feeling better, I then get worse, I then get better and get all motivational, then I get worse, repeat for 8 years etc etc. Please please PLEASE if you are feeling down or lost, find someone to talk to. Don't bottle up your feelings because it'll make you explode like a bottle of pepsi that's been kicked on the ground several times. If the doctor blames your emotions on puberty then don't just give up. Take their advice, work on it, and if you're still feeling awful, go back. Push them. Do not be afraid and do not agree to things you aren't comfortable with. Your health is the most precious thing in the world, don't let people knock you down and ruin it. 

I'm not really too sure what to do or make of this post, but if I can help someone out there push themselves to get help then that's all I want. Every person is different, but you're not alone. Don't push yourself into the darkness, fight it.


Thursday, 25 January 2018

Why my favourite Coaster isn't my best Coaster

Discussing your favourite rollercoasters with people can be hit or miss, a lot of the time I get a scornful look for mine, and then in return I also give them a peculiar look. Coasters are subjective to everyone, they're personal and no person will ever have the same feeling as you do towards one. I've been thinking over the last few weeks, what actually makes a good coaster that's a favourite? My personal favourite is Saw The Ride at Thorpe Park. I can already feel the judging looks bursting my way, but I have my reasons to which I'll explain.

This was the first ever 'big' rollercoaster I have ever been on. I remember the anticipation and anxiety whilst queuing for it in 24 degree heat, it was during my first trip to Thorpe Park with my school. I can remember the day quite well as 80% of my friends were piss babies and didn't want to ride anything, so spent their day on the beach. Myself and my friend weren't going to let them spoil our fun, and as we knew we liked typical fair ground rides we thought we'd take the plunge into a 120 minute queue to ride the newest attraction on park. 

The Theming
Now. Say what you want about this, but to someone who is a massive fan of the Saw franchise and someone who's grown up with the films, seeing 'traps' (albeit not actual ones from the films) dotted around the queue line was fucking fab. The audio was booming out of the speakers and I was well aware of the 'barbed wire' fences. Inside the dreary warehouse you're welcomed with a shotgun that was reminiscent of the quadruple shotgun hallway from the first film. Scared the shit out of me when I first went through it, darted up the staircases like I actually had shit myself. Now the bit that got me was the pre-show element. Seeing Billy cycle out with his tiny Mary Janes on was so, so good. Top tip - Get the second car to experience this. Trusssss me.

The Element of Surprise
Being someone who'd never really known about coasties before (aside from Crealy) I didn't even know POV's existed, to which, I am thankful. The first 'hidden' drop completely got me, tears and all. Imagine a small, fragile, 12 year old Amy, with 2 huge pendulums swinging towards her. It ruined my childhood and I loved it. 

The Layout
The USP for this was the 'beyond vertical' drop, but as little old me didn't care about that and only cared about the rotating blades as a near miss, I didn't quite grasp how cool it was. In more recent years, I actually black out during the Immelmann loop. Not too sure why, as I don't find the coaster particularly rough aside from the break run. Gives me a real sense of adrenaline! I remember absolutely bawling my eyes out (in a good way) during my first ride on Saw. It's also a nice coaster to look at, makes a great background for any picture and one I'll always take whenever I'm on park.

The Aftermath
The initial aftermath of a coaster can either be sweet or sour, but after popping my Jigsaw cherry, I was yearning for more already. I ran into the shop to buy all the tat I could, and I remember coming home and immediately trying to show my parents what I'd been on. Saw is the reason I love rollercoasters so much, which is the reason I've taken so many chances with trips and stuff over the last few years, and I'm so thankful for it. Sure, it may not be the quickest or smoothest coaster, it definitely isn't the best one I've ridden and I know darned well that it isn't universally liked, but it has a special place in my heart and I know I'll never be able to replicate that feeling I had when exiting the station. 

So there we have it. I'm not trying to justify (well kind of) why I love Saw the Ride so much, but more so just explaining why it means so much to me. What is your favourite coaster and why? What was your first feeling when finishing it? Is it the best you've ridden? Let me knoooow! I'm nosey.

Speak soon,


Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Theme Park Luggage - What's In My Bag edition

Whenever I go on park based trips/holidays, I used to struggle with what I really needed to bring. YouTube just didn't satisfy me as it was mainly Disney based, and I was getting bored of seeing 5 types of ears being thrown into a case, so I thought I'd do (maybe) a few posts in what I take in my day bag, suitcase and more for different types of trips.
I remember reading a post like this from Jordan a few years back and I found it really interesting. I LOVE what’s in my bag type content because I’m nosy as fuck and lots of the time I think ‘ooh, useful!’. I thought I’d give my fresh take on what I take to theme parks for a day trip. I’m super antsy about what I take, and I’ve discovered using my boyfriends bag as a go-to isn’t a clever idea as we both take so much so first of all I purchased myself a bag...

A Bag
Not necessarily IN my bag, but it’s what you need to put things in... you get me? In the past I’ve had these adorable tiny backpacks (skinny dip) I use and if I’m just having a quick 3 hour trip to Thorpe Park, that’s what I’ll lug along with me considering I live literally 5 minutes down the road. But if I’m doing a longer day, or at a park where the car park is a bloody trek, I’ll take something bigger. I’ve invested in a cheap bag from Primark, and my first tip for fellow female theme park go-ers is get a back with stable zips and pockets. If you’re at a park where you have to take your bag on a coaster with you and it doesn’t want to sit well, some force could throw shit out (in4 mansplainers tell me it can’t, I’ve watched lipsticks fly out soooo) Having long and short straps will help too, and make sure it isn’t gonna bulk out too much as that’s a pain to drag around.

Portable charger
Behold, the power that keeps me going. A literal power bank. I’d be LOST without these things, long gone are the days of me trying to salvage battery to make sure I could call my mum at the end of the day and instead I welcome a helper to make sure I can Instagram eeeeerything. If I’m on a super long day I’ll grab my bigger box as it has 2 power ports so 2 phones can be charged at once. Carrying on from this, I take a lead and a plug just incase I spot a cheeky socket I can nab.

Tickets, passes, dosh
The most important thing for theme parks is admission to get into the theme park. I am guilty of nearly forgetting on several occasions... now I usually take any printed stuff in an envelope so it’s easier to find in a rush, and my annual pass is kept in my purse at the front. That way I can whip it out for my discount at pizza pasta. Effective. I make sure I’ve also got enough change on me incase I need to go to a vending machine or pay for parking etc, I always have my card (and Apple Pay) on me too. I like to pretend I have money. 

Remember that time Thorpe Park ‘banned’ people from putting their hands in the air because of B.O? Good times. Always got a deodorant on hand, because running to a short queue line always gives me hot sweats. Painkillers, general tablets and other bits and bobs are on hand too. Who knows when you need to stick a tampon up your nose when someone smacks you in the face during an inversion?

I like to Instagram everything. I am an Instagram Whore. An instawhore. I use an iPhone 7 Plus to take pictures then Afterlight to edit, this way I can capture memories (and shots of cute theming) I’ve also got a Canon 60D which is just small enough to fit whenever I want to take some obnoxious high quality pics. Phones are also good for playing games on when bored in queues! I'm always bored of listening to conversation! Get me out of here! Please!

There’s no shame in admitting theme park food isn’t cheap, so I’ll always bring a small drink and sugary snacks for when the queue lines are super long. Maybe even vodka if it's peak season. Even throwing some mints or gum in can help that sugar craving. 

I suffer from leaky eyes, leaky nose, leaky mouth, leaky everything. I'm also someone who likes to throw a disgusting amount of make-up on, because I am the best. After having a few disasters in the past, I have now learnt my lesson that I need to bring make-up with me, because no matter how badly I drown myself in setting spray, I always end up looking like a pore monster. I don't drag along my whole collection, just a few bits and bobs. Also I try to wear waterproof mascara/eyeliner if I can, that way I'm not having a breakdown over my cat eye look on a log flume. My fave essentials are always a concealer, brush with powder excess (looking at you Kat Von D lock it), a mascara, eyeliner, and a fun lipstick. Gotta make sure I'm looking like a hot pot of rice in those on ride pictures.

Weather appropriate accessories
This is the one thing I need to learn to do as I forget. For instance, if the weather says it's going to be sunny, pack a pair of sunglasses, suncream and maybe even a portable fan if you're feeling fancy. Then if it says it's going to be chilly, throw in a pair of gloves/hat and some hand warmers as you'll thank yourself later after being stuck in a queue for tea for the last 25 minutes. Having a poncho/mac is always handy whether it's hot or cold, hot for going on water rides, and cold if it's gonna rain! Pew pew, organisation.

There we have it, a nice sized list of junk I take with me. This obviously isn't including car keys, bits of tissue at the bottom of my bag, my dignity etc, but you get the point. What do you take in your bag? Anything else I'm foolishly forgetting?

Speak soon,


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A quiet trip to Disneyland Paris

For the record, I'm quite a big Disney fan. In fact, I like it so much that I've got a Mickey Mouse tattoo on my back (ok it might be his skull but the point is still there) and every now and then I do like to go to Disney to make my childhood dreams come true. I first went when I was around 7, fast forward to early 2015 and I went again but there were lots of closures, so this year I took the plunge again and forced my boyfriend to come with me. He wasn't ever really bothered about Disney before this, but now I'm pretty sure he's a fan.

If you didn't know (even though I posted it everywhere) I was a scare actor back for the spooky season which meant my time was all taken up, until it reached November and I had a week to myself, so that's when we took the chance to book it! Now, going at the start of November means you miss the spooky stuff and also miss the main section of the Christmassy vibes too, but if you don't mind this and short queue times turn you on then it's a fab time to go. We paid around £100 each for a return direct from London to Disney on the Eurostar, then accommodation was £150 for 2 nights in a huge bedroom. The hotel isn't an official Disney one, but it gave a free shuttle to and from the park to hotel every 15/20 mins and the staff were super lovely. Just by going with a partner hotel we saved nearly £100. As we were only going for 2 days due to working times, we checked a data-filled crowd calendar before we went and noticed that both days we were going were very quiet the year prior, so we booked a 1 day park ticket for the first day then got the park hopper for the second day. This meant a huge saving and also as we arrived midday on the first day we definitely got our money's worth! First day was spent in Disneyland Park then second day we started off in Studios then the main park. Fuck yeah, planning.

I've only been to Walt Disney World in Florida and DLP, but Paris definitely feels more cosy to me, there's less of a rush to get on everything because queues aren't ridiculous and I can take in more of the atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, WDW definitely has a more magical feel to it and the park selection is fucking gorgeous but I have a soft spot for DLP as I went when I was small and have such fond memories of screaming Simba every time I saw Lion King related tat.

First of all, I had forgotten how beautiful the castle is. I love that it glistens when the clouds start getting grey just so it gives it that extra bit of magic in the dark. Tomorrowland when the sunsets has this neon glow to everything which gives me major 50's vibes and I'm so down for it- just makes me want to drink a milkshake even though I'm lactose intolerant.

Phantom Manor and Tower of Terror will always have a special place in my heart. I love how detailed the theming is both externally and internally on both, plus the subtle horror themes are my literal fave things. I really wish they had more merchandise over here for these rides, I'd buy so much unnecessary shit but it would be so worth it. Watching my boyfriends face light up as we went on ToT was perfect, when a non enthusiast comes off squeezing your arm saying that it was so much better than they expected you know you did good.

Rides wise I finally rode Space Mountain and rode every 'thrilling' ride in the parks. Queues were literally 15 minutes maximum so took full advantage of this. Another good moment was riding Big Thunder Mountain as the fireworks display started, watching it over the lake whilst speeding along was fab then we ran over and got a really good spot on the left hand side of the castle with a full view. No kids on shoulders or balloons in the way! 

Ratatouille was just as adorable as I remember and the area is so cute and picture-esque. A good place for those just as vain as me who want to get some nice photo ops. The back of the castle in Magic Kingdom also has a beautiful photo chance of an incredible thorn sculpture. A Small World was closed so that was a total shame, I was definitely devastated and not at all pleased that I wouldn't have to sit through my childhood nightmares.

I never normally remember parades but this one definitely stood out, all the cast were jumping around interacting as it wasn't heaving and the floats were literally glimmering as the sun set. Fireworks display was pretty as usual, not the best but for what it is, it is gorgeous. We left just as the fireworks were finishing so we missed the traffic jam that is parents trying to hurry their kids out before park close and we decided to have an explore of the hotel. Cafe Fantasia is beautiful but I'd have to take out a small loan of one hundred million dollars to afford a drink so I window shopped and awkwardly left after taking 20 pictures of the menu. One thing about Disney food is that it's normally over priced and a bit shit, but to my surprise I found out they did Dolewhips (!!!!!) which was the best thing I had in Florida so that was my lunch one day. If you're a super fussy eater like me I'd advise eating before you go into the park and downloading the app to check out which places will cater for you. In Disney Village Planet Hollywood is my go-to as it's easy to alter meals and never seems to get too busy. Plus the cocktails are super boozy and I do not remember eating my burger because of this.

Hoping to go again soon, probably for Halloween time when all the pumpkins are out and I can fully morph into my true form. The pumpkin queen.


Saturday, 13 January 2018

Paramore @ O2 London 12/01/18 - A review and thank you

I've loved Paramore ever since the bebo days (circa 2006?!) and I've grown up not only watching them, but grown up with them. Over the last few years their sound and looks have changed from that angsty pop-punk fuelled band into something completely fresh. At first I wasn't too sure what to think- all I wanted to do was rock out to 'For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic', but then I remembered I'm not that criminal damage jean wearing girl who wants coontails anymore. After Laughter is an album that I can really connect to, it's a happy front with depressing tones. It's eye-opening and the happiest sad I'll ever know. I've only actually ever seen Paramore live once despite my constant moaning when I was 11 years old, but I was gifted tickets to see them at Tour 3 and I am beyond thankful. This ramble-y post is going to be a review and thank you to the band that has kept me alive for so long. Sappy and long, but no apologies.

We didn't arrive at the O2 until around 5:30 and began queuing immediately as we were already worried that we'd be chilling in the back, but to our surprise we actually made it to about the 15th row and because of the size of the venue (spoiler alert, it's big) we were incredibly close. I could already feel my teenage angst rising before the support had even come on.

Now, speaking of support, they were incredible. In fact, I wouldn't even label them support, they were their own act who played alongside Paramore. Mewithoutyou are a very different type of music concept, with dark tones and shouting alongside some melodies, they really helped build an atmosphere despite how big the place was. Aaron Weiss gave an incredible performance, it was moving and edgy, even with the songs people didn't know they were all bopping along and watching his every movement. It was like this dreary dance on stage, and it was fantastic. 'Timothy Hay' was a definite highlight for me.
If I'm being honest, during support acts normally I'm browsing on my phone, but for Mewithoutyou the only time my phone came out was to capture them. No videos or pictures can do them justice with how emotional their set was, a band I'd definitely recommend seeing again, one I'll be looking out for.

During stage change their was this really nice moment when Shania Twain came on over the speakers and everyone was just belting along, including one guy next to me who I think was *actually* a guitar in disguise. Now onto Paramore. I literally cannot fathom how much emotion was built up inside me, as soon as I saw them enter the stage I just broke down into tears. 1. Because I'm a wreck and 2. Because they're so BEAUTIFUL. Everyone whipped out their cameras to take a shot of the silhouettes against the smoke and lights, including me.
They kicked off with Hard Times, a true iconic bop to get everyone dancing. I've never been to a concert before where everyone has had a boogie, and I can confirm it was bloody incredible. I've never been a comfortable dancer, but this was the one time I really let go, everyone around me was so immersed in their own moves there was no discomfort. Hayley threw in her own mix of Heart Of Glass as the song finished and it was actually angelic. A religious experience. A true angel. Then it was the return of emo. I felt the metaphoric skinny jeans get tight around my legs as Ignorance kicked in, head banging included. 
Hayley Williams creates such a huge stage presence, after so many years she still nails it. I've constantly looked up to her (and those who have been alongside me for my ridiculous hair changes will know that) This woman has morphed into an orange haired punk rocker, to a suave feminist icon. Her little speeches she gave throughout the show literally made me well up (lol how many times will I cry during this? the answer is too many). Explaining that on behalf of the band, they were so honoured to have grown up with all of us, and that she didn't have any words to say aside from 'thank you'.

The touring band themselves are phenomenal too. It must be an outrageously big job to match the standards of what Paramore used to be, but they fit in like true (and literal) family. During encore they were all introduced, and the proud looks on everyones faces proved that Paramore isn't just a band, but it's a way of life. Their chemistry was so wholesome. Tru love. *heart eyes emoji x100*
A highlight for me was seeing 'Hate to see your Heart Break' played live. There was this eerie yet beautiful silence that swamped the venue, phone lights came out and harmonies echoed across the room. Friends, lovers, family, they all held on to each other and swayed to the music.
Then came the 'Cry Hard, Dance harder' section of the evening. Caught in the Middle played followed by Told You So and Idle Worship. Idle Worship was breathtaking live. The vocal alterations made it haunting, but everyone was still jiggin' along.

The stage lighting and visuals were really complimentary too. I got a real 70's vibe from the colour palette and the way the lights shone on the band gave this obnoxious art feel which is an aesthetic I'm totally down for. It was like vscocam in real life. 
Another stand out moment for myself was during No Friend when Aaron from Mewithoutyou joined and Hayley and Taylor went into this emotional trance. The simplicity of the song gave it this really deep feel, and hearing the vocals live was amazing.
Misery Business was (subtly) introduced whilst Hayley had a lil one on 20,000 chat with us all. She explained that this song isn't what Paramore is now, and isn't what we are now, but is part of the growing up stage. There was a time a few years back when outlets commented on the use of 'whore' in the songs context to which they feel as if they need to prove it's not what they are now, and that's one of the reasons I love them. If platforms can only try and bash them for using the word 'whore' as the worst thing they've ever done then god forbid the field trip they'd have with other acts of today. 
During Encore, Zac Farro was formally introduced and played a Half Noise song called French Class. What. A. Bop. Hayley and Zac dancing? Name a better duo.
The show ended on the melancholy note of 'Rose-Coloured Boy' and everyone let loose, arms were thrown about whilst people belted out 'Just let me CRRYYYY'. The set-list in my eyes was perfect and a reflection on what the band have become, including older songs like I Caught Myself and That's What You Get really made me reflect on the past and also made me want to dye my hair red and yellow but we won't talk about that.

SO TL:DR, thank you Paramore. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the past, the present and the future. You've kept me alive through the darkest times with your lyrics and enthusiasm to always be the best you are. I'm honoured to have grown up alongside you, checkerboard clothes and all.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Longleat's Festival of Light review

Ever since I was younger I'd always wanted to go to Longleat for their Festival of Light. Despite living just over an hour away, due to the christmas work I took I had no free time. But this year as I was scrolling endlessly I discovered that the last weekend was the 6-7th and I was actually free for once! I took the plunge and got tickets for myself and my family and we went to see the sights.

I'm not too sure what I was expecting honestly, maybe a few light sculptures and fairy lights dotted around the House? But no. I was blown away, Disney-standard theming was going on (and I'm not talking Walt Disney Studios park...) The on-going theme was fairytale stories, and for someone who grew up reading Ladybird books it was super nostalgic. We arrived at around 3pm when it was still light and had a quick walk around before the *actual* lights got switched on. It was also bloody freezing so for the hour before anything really started happening we went to the Cellar Cafe for a hot chocolate and had a walk around the house. Would've got some pictures of the beautiful architecture inside but there was no photography (boo). I can understand why though, no pictures would do it justice!

When it turned around 4:30 the sun started to set and all the colours were g-l-o-w-i-n-g. Lots of effects were incorporated too, the Little Mermaid was one section that was stunning. No words can describe how pretty this place was, so rather than rambling on here's a selection of edgy pictures I took!

As you can tell by the absolute spam of pictures I took, I was completely immersed in this fun fairytale. I cannot recommend something (that isn't theme park related) more to anyone of any age. It's the perfect place to let kids run wild or let teens take pics for their snapchat stories. Even my parents thoroughly enjoyed it and loved how magical the whole event was!

Aside from the lights there is more to do too, I got to hold a snake called Hocus Pocus and a small animal enclosure was open with armadillos and parrots in. Lots of cute little places to eat and they sell some cutesy homeware! I had to stop myself from buying a tea light holder. But I just... wanted it... so badly... must buy...

The Festival of Light is now over (boo again) but it is returning for 2018. Their website says it's starting again on the 9th of November 2018 with selected dates, so keep an eye out here.

Speak soon,