Thursday, 4 January 2018

2018 the good, the bad, and the resolutions

2017 literally shot by. I feel like a grandparent saying 'ohh this year went sooo quick I'll die soon' but seriously, it went so fast. Lots of things changed for me last year and it was quite eye opening, so I thought I'd think of some realistic goals to talk about and reflect on for next year. I usually think resolutions are bad but mine are more like, pick me ups, more than anything.

At the end of every month I struggle, not awfully but I definitely could do with saving up some money and actually looking after it for once. I've already made a positive start on this, I'm actually doing meal plans which is STRESSFUL but definitely worth it. Gonna try and keep at least £50/£100 each month into savings which will go towards flat nitbits and potential holidays!

I spend ridiculous amounts of money on make-up and pride myself in doing so, but I always fall short when it comes to skincare. Taking a qualification in make-up I know how essential it is to keep your skin in good shape, but I'm someone who rarely takes it off before I sleep, and whenever I clean my face it's just using a cheap micellar water and toner. It's not even the foundations of the skin, it is the skin, and if I want better self care I need to start looking after something I've always been conscious of. I also want to make sure everything is Cruelty Free, there is literally no need for animal testing in cosmetics and over the last year I've cut down on products and swapped them out if they weren't CF! Also, the Korean beauty 10-step routine has fab results and I want my skin to feel like a smooth peachy butt.

I'm not talking about the Britney Spears bop here, but just keeping out bad people in my life. I've had a stupid amount of stupid people walk into my life and it's so mentally exhausting, so I'm making sure this year is about me. Being selfish can be a good thing when done in moderation.

Whether it be food or a mentality thing, I want to be a healthier person. Shock horror, I won't be becoming a full time gym bunny any time soon, but I'll definitely be exercising my mind (*insert Crush saying wooaah dude here*). Reducing things is something I need to work on too, takeaways, how many times I cry a week, how much time I spend lurking etc etc. I know they're bad for me and I've discovered ignoring the problem doesn't mean it goes away sadly enough.

This is a big one for me, if you know me from my #amarghh youtube days you'll know I sucked at keeping to a schedule and uploading. I've blogged before in the past several times, all ending up in 2 posts then me going AWOL. This time I want to make it count. I want to start doing beauty and fashion blogging as I become more confident with how I look and dress, I want to start collaborating and I want to continue having fun. Please send me 100x angry react messages if at any point I give up with this, because I wanna look back on this in years to come. Plus I feel all fancy with a cute blog!

I've also posted a Theme Park Goals for the geekier side of me. Hit me up if we have any of the same resolutions so we can actively annoy and motivate eachother!


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