Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A quiet trip to Disneyland Paris

For the record, I'm quite a big Disney fan. In fact, I like it so much that I've got a Mickey Mouse tattoo on my back (ok it might be his skull but the point is still there) and every now and then I do like to go to Disney to make my childhood dreams come true. I first went when I was around 7, fast forward to early 2015 and I went again but there were lots of closures, so this year I took the plunge again and forced my boyfriend to come with me. He wasn't ever really bothered about Disney before this, but now I'm pretty sure he's a fan.

If you didn't know (even though I posted it everywhere) I was a scare actor back for the spooky season which meant my time was all taken up, until it reached November and I had a week to myself, so that's when we took the chance to book it! Now, going at the start of November means you miss the spooky stuff and also miss the main section of the Christmassy vibes too, but if you don't mind this and short queue times turn you on then it's a fab time to go. We paid around £100 each for a return direct from London to Disney on the Eurostar, then accommodation was £150 for 2 nights in a huge bedroom. The hotel isn't an official Disney one, but it gave a free shuttle to and from the park to hotel every 15/20 mins and the staff were super lovely. Just by going with a partner hotel we saved nearly £100. As we were only going for 2 days due to working times, we checked a data-filled crowd calendar before we went and noticed that both days we were going were very quiet the year prior, so we booked a 1 day park ticket for the first day then got the park hopper for the second day. This meant a huge saving and also as we arrived midday on the first day we definitely got our money's worth! First day was spent in Disneyland Park then second day we started off in Studios then the main park. Fuck yeah, planning.

I've only been to Walt Disney World in Florida and DLP, but Paris definitely feels more cosy to me, there's less of a rush to get on everything because queues aren't ridiculous and I can take in more of the atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, WDW definitely has a more magical feel to it and the park selection is fucking gorgeous but I have a soft spot for DLP as I went when I was small and have such fond memories of screaming Simba every time I saw Lion King related tat.

First of all, I had forgotten how beautiful the castle is. I love that it glistens when the clouds start getting grey just so it gives it that extra bit of magic in the dark. Tomorrowland when the sunsets has this neon glow to everything which gives me major 50's vibes and I'm so down for it- just makes me want to drink a milkshake even though I'm lactose intolerant.

Phantom Manor and Tower of Terror will always have a special place in my heart. I love how detailed the theming is both externally and internally on both, plus the subtle horror themes are my literal fave things. I really wish they had more merchandise over here for these rides, I'd buy so much unnecessary shit but it would be so worth it. Watching my boyfriends face light up as we went on ToT was perfect, when a non enthusiast comes off squeezing your arm saying that it was so much better than they expected you know you did good.

Rides wise I finally rode Space Mountain and rode every 'thrilling' ride in the parks. Queues were literally 15 minutes maximum so took full advantage of this. Another good moment was riding Big Thunder Mountain as the fireworks display started, watching it over the lake whilst speeding along was fab then we ran over and got a really good spot on the left hand side of the castle with a full view. No kids on shoulders or balloons in the way! 

Ratatouille was just as adorable as I remember and the area is so cute and picture-esque. A good place for those just as vain as me who want to get some nice photo ops. The back of the castle in Magic Kingdom also has a beautiful photo chance of an incredible thorn sculpture. A Small World was closed so that was a total shame, I was definitely devastated and not at all pleased that I wouldn't have to sit through my childhood nightmares.

I never normally remember parades but this one definitely stood out, all the cast were jumping around interacting as it wasn't heaving and the floats were literally glimmering as the sun set. Fireworks display was pretty as usual, not the best but for what it is, it is gorgeous. We left just as the fireworks were finishing so we missed the traffic jam that is parents trying to hurry their kids out before park close and we decided to have an explore of the hotel. Cafe Fantasia is beautiful but I'd have to take out a small loan of one hundred million dollars to afford a drink so I window shopped and awkwardly left after taking 20 pictures of the menu. One thing about Disney food is that it's normally over priced and a bit shit, but to my surprise I found out they did Dolewhips (!!!!!) which was the best thing I had in Florida so that was my lunch one day. If you're a super fussy eater like me I'd advise eating before you go into the park and downloading the app to check out which places will cater for you. In Disney Village Planet Hollywood is my go-to as it's easy to alter meals and never seems to get too busy. Plus the cocktails are super boozy and I do not remember eating my burger because of this.

Hoping to go again soon, probably for Halloween time when all the pumpkins are out and I can fully morph into my true form. The pumpkin queen.


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