Saturday, 6 January 2018

In(tamin) the new year

photo credits: Matt Georgel - youtube // twitter // instagram

In 2017 I was really awful with exploring my theme park side, I did get to work at a park i've admired for years but no *new* parks (aside from some old creds!). This year I really want to broaden myself and I thought I'd make a little geeky goals for 2018 as open season is soon approaching.

Phantasialand gets its own section because it's Phantasialand, duh. I've wanted to go to Phantasialand so long. I've legitimately considered taking up identity fraud when people I know have posted they're going just so I can get in on the action. This park looks incredible, I've heard so much positivity about it, and honestly I really wanna ride Taron. I watched the construction of this coaster and I remember when the train got revealed and everyone lost their shit. It was fantastic. The whole park looks aesthetically beautiful and it would be a firm favourite, for sure.

Ever since working at a park I now feel lost when I'm not at one. From going to host to actor, to helping create scare mazes, what else could come my way? I really wanna get more involved this year and make an impact wherever I work, but definitely this industry is something I'm passionate about. There's something so unique and quite compelling when you tell someone you work for a theme park. Stack trains, not shelves.

I've been lucky enough to be one of the first to ride Reign of Kong and Mako, but I really wanna plan my travel around other ride openings this year. SW8 at Alton Towers, Tiger Rock at Chessington and I need to go to Blackpool for Icon's opening. 1. I've never been to BPB (boo I used to live in a tractor farm boo 6 hour drive boo) and 2. Launched Mack Coasters are beautiful. 

The Theme Park industry is huge, and I've only touched on a small speck of it. I want to watch more documentaries, read more books and articles about coasters and theming especially, discover smaller parks with hidden gems and know my stuff. I've only stuck to the mainstream but I'd love find more information about the smaller parks rather than constantly reading up on dark disney (even though it is fab). Go to smaller horror events and dive into the scare industry because scaring is caring.

A few parks that I'd really like to go to this year are
Phantasialand x50000
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Paultons Park

All these are pretty simple because they're easy to get to, until I can find someone to drive to the more unknown places I shall venture to these first. Let me know if there's any hidden gems so I can go explore!


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