Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Longleat's Festival of Light review

Ever since I was younger I'd always wanted to go to Longleat for their Festival of Light. Despite living just over an hour away, due to the christmas work I took I had no free time. But this year as I was scrolling endlessly I discovered that the last weekend was the 6-7th and I was actually free for once! I took the plunge and got tickets for myself and my family and we went to see the sights.

I'm not too sure what I was expecting honestly, maybe a few light sculptures and fairy lights dotted around the House? But no. I was blown away, Disney-standard theming was going on (and I'm not talking Walt Disney Studios park...) The on-going theme was fairytale stories, and for someone who grew up reading Ladybird books it was super nostalgic. We arrived at around 3pm when it was still light and had a quick walk around before the *actual* lights got switched on. It was also bloody freezing so for the hour before anything really started happening we went to the Cellar Cafe for a hot chocolate and had a walk around the house. Would've got some pictures of the beautiful architecture inside but there was no photography (boo). I can understand why though, no pictures would do it justice!

When it turned around 4:30 the sun started to set and all the colours were g-l-o-w-i-n-g. Lots of effects were incorporated too, the Little Mermaid was one section that was stunning. No words can describe how pretty this place was, so rather than rambling on here's a selection of edgy pictures I took!

As you can tell by the absolute spam of pictures I took, I was completely immersed in this fun fairytale. I cannot recommend something (that isn't theme park related) more to anyone of any age. It's the perfect place to let kids run wild or let teens take pics for their snapchat stories. Even my parents thoroughly enjoyed it and loved how magical the whole event was!

Aside from the lights there is more to do too, I got to hold a snake called Hocus Pocus and a small animal enclosure was open with armadillos and parrots in. Lots of cute little places to eat and they sell some cutesy homeware! I had to stop myself from buying a tea light holder. But I just... wanted it... so badly... must buy...

The Festival of Light is now over (boo again) but it is returning for 2018. Their website says it's starting again on the 9th of November 2018 with selected dates, so keep an eye out here.

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