Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Lovers and Losers - January 2018

January has been a weird one. I can't tell if it's gone super quick, or super slow?? All I know is that I don't actually know what day it is. Or time. I'm so confused.

Thought I'd do a favourites type of thing, but give it that horror twist rather than being a basic 'favourites'! The names speak for themselves, but if you are a little slow, Lovers are my faves and Losers are my not-so faves. Goddit?

The Body Shop - Shine Lip Liquid in Cherry Gum
Matte lips have been my fave thing for a loooong time, but recently I've wanted a change. Lip gloss has been a taboo subject for a while as it's kinda compared back to the early 2000's when we'd all be wearing a thick layer from Claire's. I've got a few glosses in the past but a lot are either super sticky, barely have colour or smell like bleach. When I was browsing The Body Shop the other week I came across their Shine Lip Liquid. I immediately assumed it was gonna be a lip topper or metallic lip from the name, but when I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised. Cherry Gum is this beautiful red with a pink-ish undertone. It applies like a dream and isn't sticky, and when it wares off during the day it leaves your lips a beautiful stained red colour. I'm really hoping they're gonna bring out more shades of this in purples and deeper reds because I crave a vampy glossy lip.

Regal Rose - CUPID. Black Spinel Chevron Silver Ring
I've never, ever been a ring person. I'm really reeeeally self conscious of my hands because they look like toddlers hands with sausages as fingers. I bite my nails and I'm covered in freckles, so I'd always make an effort to hide or edit them in pictures. I've known about Regal Rose for a while, and I love their rings, so I asked for one for Christmas to try it out and I haven't been able to go without it since. It's delicate enough that it doesn't draw too much attention to my fingers, but still is a statement. The black spinel gemstone is gorgeous and it goes with everything. I'm gagging to get more to stack this now! Might have to get my nails done to look more insta friendly too...

Firebox - Unicorn Tears Gin
Probably the most on-trend drink of the millennial life. If I spill this down myself no one will care because it’s glitter and glitter makes everything one hundred times better. Even makes Unicorn farming seem ok. (It also tastes delicious) They've actually got several of these sparkly concoctions, including a pink version for Valentines Day and a black version like my heart.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 - Netflix
My boyfriend forced me to watch Season 1 last year and I was a bit 'meh' about it all until I started paying attention, now it's probably one of my favourite shows. I liked this season more than season 1 and I'm in love with Samuel Barnett. Can't really talk about this much without giving it away, but it's good I promise. Also dogs. 

mercury grls depop - 'Girls will be Girls' t-shirt
I've been trying to experiment with my style more recently, have a bold staple pair of trousers or coat or whatever and pair it up with something a bit tamer, but I was lacking a white slogan tee. 90% of the highstreet shops sell the cringiest ones, but I noticed Poppy had her own depop shop going on and was selling cute, empowering tshirts. I've only had this for a week or so but I keep wearing it so much. It smells. I'm ok with that. 


Rejection emails - EVERYWHERE

Your shitty response of 'We've had so many amazing applicants, but you lacked the experience' means nothing. Do. Not. Give. Me. That. Same. Excuse. Companies, please make your rejection emails more personal. Please actually write my name and not 'To ,' (lol true story) it isn't hard to set up mailto. 

Loser list was short, but that's because I haven't really been adventuring out of my comfort zone, next month I'm gonna have a full hit list. You watch.
Anything you've been liking over the last month? I'm sure this list will include theme parks soon because I am sad and craving one. 

Speak soon,


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