Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Theme Park Luggage - What's In My Bag edition

Whenever I go on park based trips/holidays, I used to struggle with what I really needed to bring. YouTube just didn't satisfy me as it was mainly Disney based, and I was getting bored of seeing 5 types of ears being thrown into a case, so I thought I'd do (maybe) a few posts in what I take in my day bag, suitcase and more for different types of trips.
I remember reading a post like this from Jordan a few years back and I found it really interesting. I LOVE what’s in my bag type content because I’m nosy as fuck and lots of the time I think ‘ooh, useful!’. I thought I’d give my fresh take on what I take to theme parks for a day trip. I’m super antsy about what I take, and I’ve discovered using my boyfriends bag as a go-to isn’t a clever idea as we both take so much so first of all I purchased myself a bag...

A Bag
Not necessarily IN my bag, but it’s what you need to put things in... you get me? In the past I’ve had these adorable tiny backpacks (skinny dip) I use and if I’m just having a quick 3 hour trip to Thorpe Park, that’s what I’ll lug along with me considering I live literally 5 minutes down the road. But if I’m doing a longer day, or at a park where the car park is a bloody trek, I’ll take something bigger. I’ve invested in a cheap bag from Primark, and my first tip for fellow female theme park go-ers is get a back with stable zips and pockets. If you’re at a park where you have to take your bag on a coaster with you and it doesn’t want to sit well, some force could throw shit out (in4 mansplainers tell me it can’t, I’ve watched lipsticks fly out soooo) Having long and short straps will help too, and make sure it isn’t gonna bulk out too much as that’s a pain to drag around.

Portable charger
Behold, the power that keeps me going. A literal power bank. I’d be LOST without these things, long gone are the days of me trying to salvage battery to make sure I could call my mum at the end of the day and instead I welcome a helper to make sure I can Instagram eeeeerything. If I’m on a super long day I’ll grab my bigger box as it has 2 power ports so 2 phones can be charged at once. Carrying on from this, I take a lead and a plug just incase I spot a cheeky socket I can nab.

Tickets, passes, dosh
The most important thing for theme parks is admission to get into the theme park. I am guilty of nearly forgetting on several occasions... now I usually take any printed stuff in an envelope so it’s easier to find in a rush, and my annual pass is kept in my purse at the front. That way I can whip it out for my discount at pizza pasta. Effective. I make sure I’ve also got enough change on me incase I need to go to a vending machine or pay for parking etc, I always have my card (and Apple Pay) on me too. I like to pretend I have money. 

Remember that time Thorpe Park ‘banned’ people from putting their hands in the air because of B.O? Good times. Always got a deodorant on hand, because running to a short queue line always gives me hot sweats. Painkillers, general tablets and other bits and bobs are on hand too. Who knows when you need to stick a tampon up your nose when someone smacks you in the face during an inversion?

I like to Instagram everything. I am an Instagram Whore. An instawhore. I use an iPhone 7 Plus to take pictures then Afterlight to edit, this way I can capture memories (and shots of cute theming) I’ve also got a Canon 60D which is just small enough to fit whenever I want to take some obnoxious high quality pics. Phones are also good for playing games on when bored in queues! I'm always bored of listening to conversation! Get me out of here! Please!

There’s no shame in admitting theme park food isn’t cheap, so I’ll always bring a small drink and sugary snacks for when the queue lines are super long. Maybe even vodka if it's peak season. Even throwing some mints or gum in can help that sugar craving. 

I suffer from leaky eyes, leaky nose, leaky mouth, leaky everything. I'm also someone who likes to throw a disgusting amount of make-up on, because I am the best. After having a few disasters in the past, I have now learnt my lesson that I need to bring make-up with me, because no matter how badly I drown myself in setting spray, I always end up looking like a pore monster. I don't drag along my whole collection, just a few bits and bobs. Also I try to wear waterproof mascara/eyeliner if I can, that way I'm not having a breakdown over my cat eye look on a log flume. My fave essentials are always a concealer, brush with powder excess (looking at you Kat Von D lock it), a mascara, eyeliner, and a fun lipstick. Gotta make sure I'm looking like a hot pot of rice in those on ride pictures.

Weather appropriate accessories
This is the one thing I need to learn to do as I forget. For instance, if the weather says it's going to be sunny, pack a pair of sunglasses, suncream and maybe even a portable fan if you're feeling fancy. Then if it says it's going to be chilly, throw in a pair of gloves/hat and some hand warmers as you'll thank yourself later after being stuck in a queue for tea for the last 25 minutes. Having a poncho/mac is always handy whether it's hot or cold, hot for going on water rides, and cold if it's gonna rain! Pew pew, organisation.

There we have it, a nice sized list of junk I take with me. This obviously isn't including car keys, bits of tissue at the bottom of my bag, my dignity etc, but you get the point. What do you take in your bag? Anything else I'm foolishly forgetting?

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