Tuesday, 6 February 2018

2018 - The year of The Walking Dead and the decade of Horror

Before anyone says I’m being bias as I’m a self proclaimed horror fan, hear me out. Horror is taking over this year. Why, I hear you beg? Stop begging. For mother Amy shall give.

First of all, The Year Of The Walking Dead. Over the past few weeks (or lifetimes, as it seems) Thorpe Park have been teasing a ‘safe zone’. Unlike our warm, internet safe space for all of us special snowflakes, this is in no way really safe. Unless you lived under a rock in 2017, The Walking Dead aka the 2nd biggest TV show ever aka rising home of daddy Andrew Lincoln graced itself at Thorpe Park’s FRIGHT NIGHTS. Now being someone who worked as a scare actor there, I can tell you this was huge. Queues were heaving, hype was 100% real. Obviously places such as Universal Halloween Horror Nights And Movie Park Germany have had Walking Dead attractions, but ours were different. Now it seems due to this popularity, the Walker disease has been spreading. Living Nightmare is opening during May Half Term for a more extreme experience, along with selected dates during the Summer (I see you, summer nights). Another exciting addition is ‘Zombie Hunt’, described as an extreme battle for survival. If it’s anything like the old Face it Alone experiences, then I’d defo recommended bringing a spare pair of pants...
Alongside this, my baby itself, Saw ALIVE is opening during the Summer holidays so you can once again experience true torture in 26 degree heat. The last time this happened was like, 2012? 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t say why it’s taking over? Well, yeah it does. Bringing scare mazes to open throughout the whole year is incredible. There’s such a high demand, and it’s being brought now. The Dungeons is a more of a tame ‘horror’ experience, but it’s one that is known all across the world, within different locations. Tulleys Farm’s Shocktober fest is having yet another scare experience being revealed, and more and more escape rooms are popping up. What is it that makes us love being so scared? (Derren pls) Last year we had the likes of The IT remake and the Jigsaw reboot come into play. Then this year Ghost Stories, which was a play running throughout 2014, has been adapted into film, and Halloween is getting another start up. 2018, I am ready for your gore filled contents. 

What are you most excited for? I know I’ll definitely be making my way to Thorpe Park to check out Negan swing his bat at me. Would be rude to say no considering I live 5 mins away.

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