Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Disneyland Paris vs WDW's Magic Kingdom

The more I think about it, the more I don’t rate Magic Kingdom that much. Before you start sweating profusely and start mansplaining why it’s SoOoOo magical and good, let me explain myself.

Truthfully I’ve only ever been to Disney Land Paris and Walt Disney World in Florida, and there is so much to explore in the theme park world of Disney, but realistically I only really rated Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and I prefer Disney Park Paris to Magic Kingdom overall. Yeah, Paris is labelled as ‘tacky’ but honestly I love tacky shit. Aside from Armageddon. Absolutely not. Now bare in mind the first and last time I went to Walt Disney World was back in 2016 and I’ve only just recently been to DLP, I’m trying to not be bias. But like, looking back on it all, I just feel really underwhelmed and a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t like it as much as everyone expected me to? I’ve got a Disney tattoo for Christ’s sake, I should’ve been pissing my pants and gawping over hidden Mickeys, but meh. The rides really weren’t that great, and even though I say I prioritise theming over coasters/rides, it’s a bumpy road (or wild mouse if it’s a bumpy road to probable death). Big Thunder Mountain in Paris is breathtaking, I enjoyed hyperspace’s layout waaaay more than Space Mountain and it just feels so much more cosy? Pirates is unclockable in comparison too. I don’t feel rushed, I don’t feel intimidated and I just love it. Don’t get me wrong, Haunted Mansion is incredible and I found myself always going to it whenever I was on park, but that’s one of the only things I really enjoyed. I did really enjoy the shopping outlets (classic me) more and guest interaction was amazing with the performers, but was that because it was better or just because there were more of them dotted around? It just seemed way over hyped for me, but is it because I’m a general theme park nerd and not a Disney nerd? Theme park geek problems eh? Really the finest first world issues. 
As I said before though, I did really love Animal Kingdom and Studios. I need to go to Pandora and if I don’t ride the Slinky Dog coaster my life won’t be complete. Also Disney Springs is perfect and beautiful and amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And Tower of Terror. So many feeeeeelings!!! Overall theming is definitely beautiful there, but I think I’d rather ride Ratatouille than stand in the scorching sun for 2 hours to ride Splash Mountain. 

How do you feel about Paris in comparison to Florida? Or comparisons to any of the other Disney parks? I feel like I definitely need a trip back soon, or maybe even a cheeky trip to Disneyland? The newest news that Disney revealed in the last few days for their plans for DLP is a game changer too. Jordan (Cupcakesandcoasters) has whittled down the important bits here for you, so give that a read. New superior park? Who knows...

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