Saturday, 17 February 2018

My First Time - Paultons Park

Despite being someone who loves Theme Parks and Rollercoasters, I haven't actually been to many parks (yet. the yet is important) but this year is the year that I spend a stupid amount of money on tickets and travel just to ride all the rolliecoasties. First on my list is Paultons Park. Luckily for me, it's open during February half term so I zoomed down before seeing my parents and this is my little review on it! Spoiler: it's cute and soggy.

I was honestly prepared for it to be a bit busy, but low and behold, the British weather kicked in and as soon as I got out of my car I actually resembled a piece of soggy toast. Nice. When we got into the park, we headed straight towards Lost Kingdom, an area themed around exploration and Dinosaurs. My first thought when walking up to the entrance was how adorable it was. Foliage was everywhere, the themed signage on the rocks was cute and I loved how bright the supports for Flight of the Pterosaur were against the shitty grey sky. 
We rode Flight of the Pterosaur first as it was closest (and walk on). I loved how they had the Vekoma sign and information on the offload side, I was squirming whilst my boyfriend was cringing. Cute couples, eh? Aside from getting absolutely soaked on this, the track layout itself is fun. Suspended coasters in the wet weather are always a bit of a risk, ended up with flooding around the hip area due to the amount of water dripping down, but apples and oranges or something. We headed over to Velociraptor next, I honestly wasn't expecting how fast it would go for a family boomerang?! Head was shook. Did Dino Chase for the #cred much to the dismay of my boyfriend, then we quickly rushed over to Cobra where my soul left my body. Please Gerstlauer. Please. Last of the coasters we did was Cat-O-Pillar which was actually really, really cute. I was there for this girl's first ever coaster ride and it was so wholesome and warm. One of the coolest parts of being an enthusiast is taking someone on their first ride and witnessing their reaction (aside from all the cool coaster creds, obviously).

I think the biggest highlight for me was probably the new area for 2018, Little Africa. I always go and see animals when they're located at a Theme Park, and Little Africa is primarily the reason why I loved Paulton's so much. It. Is. SO. Cute. The nocturnal animal enclosure was a personal favourite, thr Fennec Foxes were snuggling each other and the little tiny mouse like creatures were so endearing. I just love tiny animals, tiny animals for everywhere please. Alongside this, there was an outside enclosure too with different species of birds and creatures, I'll throw some pictures down below as anything I say makes me sound 5 and sometimes pictures are better than words.
Before we left, we had a little stroll around Peppa Pig World and looked at the construction for their new expansion later this year. I'm not someone with a child, but if you have a little one then this place is probably perfect to keep them interested for a few hours. So much stuff to do, so much energy to use up. Plus Mr Potato is the star of the show in my opinion.

So there we have it, a miniature review on a new park for me. I love it when parks open for a bit before *actual* open season, helps that coaster stress inside of me. Are you planning to go to Paultons Park this year? Or any parks that you'd like me to go and review? Leave a comment. Let's have a natter.

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