Sunday, 18 March 2018

Why I love being a Theme Park Enthusiast

As much as I hate labelling myself one, I am a big Theme Park Enthusiast. All my time spent holiday planning is based on parks, I talk about parks like it's my second language and it's one of the things I'm most known for within my friendship group. We're all quick to moan about things and the 'community', but I thought I'd brighten up the start of open season by chatting about why I LOVE being a Park Enthusiast.

First timers
One of the most *~*~MaGiCaL~*~* things about taking someone on a coaster they've never ridden before is their reaction. Watching someones face light up as we hit dispatch and seeing their initial reaction is something so heartwarming? One of the most wholesome things I've ever experienced was back at Paulton's Park and sitting in front of a girl who was about to embark on her first coaster - the mighty Cat-O-Pillar. She LOVED it. I felt gooey inside. Gross.

Being the know-it-all
Some people might hate it, but I secretly love being the person people come to when they have park queries. Being able to chat shit about my fave places and my fave coasters to someone who isn't as educated as me but wants to learn tips and tricks? Really makes me realise how much I LOVE being a geek. It's that power trip you get when you tell someone the best place to sit on Nemesis - all their trust is in you. 

Coming together in times of trouble
The beast from the East really blew us over (literally) this weekend. Wickerman opening didn't open, and despite the snow closing all big rides, everyone just kinda rolled with it? I was watching from afar because work, but so many people I knew were there, and rather than moaning over something that no one can change, they just took gorgeous pictures, vlogged and rode Hex! It's easy to feel disheartened over it, but the amount of enthusiast geeking out was really cute to see. Onwards next weekend!!!

Making lifetime friends
Oh, jesus, gross (if you know you know) I hate being nice but this is such an important part. I've literally made so many friends and met so many new people just through being a coaster geek, I've been part of forums, meetups, met my boyfriend through this, and even met people I look up to. It's a niche hobby, so finding others that really understand you can be hard, but in this community everyone gets it! There will always be fights over 'what's best' and unnecessary drama for literally no reason, but so many positives come from this. I've achieved so much in the last year from being around positive park peeps, and I'm super excited to see what's coming.

Getting to go to incredible places
Lots of people spend their holidays in the sun or snow, getting a tan or going shopping and having a chill time. What do we do? Get blisters just to ride a zoom zoom fast machine, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love gushing about planned trips and holidays to people, for some reason it's so much more exciting than going on a sun getaway? People are super involved, and in the end you get to go to these amazing parks in amazing places. Germany is such an incredible place, and when I was at Europa I got to explore for a few hours a day and fell in love even more. 

These are just a few reasons I love dedicating my life to a life of inversions and headaches, but it's so worth it. Why do you love being a park enthusiast? Aside from the obvious one of getting to ride a shit tonne of B&M's...

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