Friday, 17 August 2018

Top Takes - Efteling

It's been over a month since I went to Efteling for a little 2 day trip (which ended up as 3, but I spent that in an airport crying over blackcurrant fanta) and as I've finally had time to think about my little holiday, I feel ready to talk about it.

Wow, Efteling. What a little gem. It honestly wasn't a park I was desperate to go for, considering none of the coasters really enthralled me unlike Taron at Phantasialand, or going to Toverland for Fenix, but I was surprised. Even the location is cute, alongside everything else, apart from the big lobed man in Fata Morgana which will give me nightmares for at least 3 years. Talking about my favourite bits isn't hard, but I thought I'd take a different spin on it rather than just coasterscoasterscoasters.
De Vliegende Hollander
First off, water coasters or any water ride (aside from dark rides) do not appeal to me. I'm allergic to chlorine, I hate getting wet, and I constantly feel like I am going to die, but this ride? Really surprised me. The smells, the sights, the story, everything was so, endearing? Being in pitch black with some fake stars around you, followed by the breeze and bromine smell just felt so, comforting, yet scary. I came off wanting to re-ride, and the best bit? You don't get too wet. Splashing down next to Joris en de Draak was picturesque af. 
Oliebollen, cassis fanta, spiral potatoes etc.
The food. THE FOOD!!! I never have hope for Theme Park food, Portaventura made me ill, Disney was overpriced, and in general, most food places are shut. But Efteling has this down to a T, or a hot dog, whatever your preference is. The food is just, cheap and good? Nothing is stupidly overpriced and when you eat it you don't want to vomit or cry at your bank account. My recommendation is definitely the oliebollen which are dutch donuts and magical angels from the heaven above.
Fata Morgana
This was the first ride we headed to unknowingly, and it was... weirdly amazing. We were greeted by the most amazing theme park smell (of which I bought bottled up) and the whole experience was fab. Arabian Nights, creepy tiger animatronics and that big man with the big lobes. I am scarred for life, but in the bst way possible.
The stories
Fairytale Forest was creepy and amazing, the dark rides had everything I've ever wanted and more, and the rollercoasters just, got it? The stories behind each ride really grabbed me - even little touches like the winning flags falling on Joris en de Draak really made the experience so much better. I'm a half and half gal, you can have an incredible coaster with all the elements I love, but if it lacks theming and storyline, meh. Efteling really seemed to have everything down to a T. 
Overall, Efteling was a perfect gem to add to my theme park collection, it may be small, but it sure is sweet-er now. Have you been to Efteling? What was your favourite part?

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