Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A memoir to the 2018 season

I know technically the 2018 season isn’t over for those in Europe (do we count as Europe anymore? Brexit...) but the UK peak season is over and this makes me sad. It’s been the best season yet for me, and as I’ve done a blog hiatus what better way to start it off than being sentimental? 
Being part of the industry
I got my dream job at a Theme Park. I manage the social media channels for the Park closest to me and every day I wake up thinking it’s just a dream - getting to sit next to a rollercoaster and cute animals every day is an absolute dream. Also - I spent half of my Halloween scare acting and running at people with a chainsaw! Broom broom, a five foot girl legging it towards you IS scary.
Making new friends
Wow, the mushy part of it all. I have made SO many new friends - if not ones from previous who I’ve grown closer too. I’ve gone on trips with them, I’ve had countless group chats and I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings! Hopefully more hungover quibbles and a whole lot of coasters. Ryanair pls do flash sales every few weeks, I beg...
Exploring new parks
I remember writing up a post earlier this year saying parks I’ve wanted to go to, and I have been to 10 new parks this year, and my 11th is PHANTASIALAND!!!!!!!! Needless to say - I’m excited! Considering I expected to go to 3/4 this year, albeit maybe 1 new one abroad, I’m pretty proud of myself. Promise more reviews next time. Sorry.
Hitting my 100th cred
Who dat basic bitch? It’s me lol. I’ve only started counting coaster credits recently and my 100th was Helix at Liseberg - which is the best coaster I’ve ridden. Also Liseberg is amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better park to celebrate a geeky milestone in!

Now it’s closed season and I have my bearings back (almost - send help and coffee) I’ll be doing more of these. Maybe. 

Speak soon,


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