Monday, 21 October 2019

Top 3 things to do at... Walibi Holland's FRIGHT NIGHTS

Probably one of the most talked about events in Europe, this year I managed to get over to Walibi Holland to experience their Fright Nights. Aside from knowing which rollercoasters resided at this Park, I didn’t know much else about it, aside from all my friends who attended their Halloween event got scared shitless – and being someone who doesn’t scare easily, I was excited to see what they had in store. Rather than delving deep into spoilers and ruining the whole event, I’ve picked out my top things to do and try during the night.

Haunted Holidays II
This was the first maze we went to try, and it was hyped up by Jordan so I expected big things. Upon entrance, we were divulged into Christmas. Sickly sweet lights were hung around, and in the centre piece of it all, a HUGE Christmas tree. Spoiler alert – the Christmas tree fake falls and it’s honestly nearly heart attack inducing. I, the Queen of Halloween, screamed so loud, only for me to hurry out into the next room and get a jump scare from a large Santa looking character. It’s nightmare inducing in the best way – the scares were perfect along with the sets. I’d love to go backstage and look at it all in detail rather than cowering through the rooms!

Pirate’s Cove
In the UK we don’t have accustomed ‘Scare Zones’ anymore, and I’m a sucker for a well themed one so I was excited to traipse through what Walibi had to offer. During the day, Pirate’s Cove is a spooky zone suitable for the younger (or scaredy cat) folk, and at night it transforms into a UV paint haven. Smoke filled bubbles and blaring music plays in the area, with pirates and their crew causing havoc. Once a bell is run, their inner undead comes out and the lights change to UV to show off their incredible almost Day of the Dead like make-up as they stumble around as if they’re in hypnosis.

The Villa
I'm someone who's grown up watching horror films since the tender age of around 7/8. From the original Stephen King's IT, to House of Wax, to Saw, I've seen them all. I went into the Villa unknowingly what it was, greeted by a large 'Studio 13' sign, one could only guess you'd be venturing into a film set. As you step into the maze, iconic horror film characters surround you, from Twisty the Clown, to Michael Myers, wherever you turn you aren't safe. For some reason, my brain goes into overdrive when I'm actually in a room with said horror film characters and tries to go fight or flight, and again I ended up screaming the whole way round! The exit really caught me off guard too - you're never safe...

It goes without saying there's so much more than 3 things to do, but to keep it short and sweet we'll leave it at that. If you're thinking about going to Fright Nights, do it. It's absolutely phenomenal, and terrifyingly terrific. I'm still getting nightmares about a bloody Christmas tree.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Top 3 things to do at... Tulleys Shocktober Fest

What a good way to start my 22nd birthday - by heading down to the opening night of Tulleys Shocktober Fest!

Now if you know me, you know I love anything halloween or horror related. Whether it's acting in scare mazes myself, to decorating my flat with pumpkins, and even getting horror film memoirs tattooed on myself, I am a self righteous Queen of Halloween, so I was extremely excited to visit Tulleys for the fourth year in a row to see what they had in store this year.

Shocktober Fest consists of 9 Live Action Horror Mazes, alongside rides, roaming actors, and even live music, so rather than spoiling it all for everyone, I've decided to give my top 3 things to do!
Wastelands Penitentiary
Oh. My. God. What an EXPERIENCE!
New for 2019 is Wastelands Penitentiary, a maze about, you guessed it, a penitentiary that's in the wastelands. I think we've all seen some form of 'escaped inmates'-esque maze before, but this is something else.
STROBES! LOUD NOISES! SCARY MASKS! It truly has it all. Grotesque, but in the best way possible. Not only was the maze an absolutely incredible addition, but it also consists of a new land type area with FIRE and pretty people dancing with big weapons. To go alongside this was a sickening Drum and Bass soundtrack (10/10, would add to my spotify playlist). The atmosphere in this area alone really wants me to go back as soon as I have a free moment in my Halloween schedule. You will not regret doing this. Unless you're a scaredy cat. Then maybe you will.
Take a scaredy cat through Chop Shop
Now we all know about the well-loved Chop Shop. The sweet smell of gasoline and the sound of chainsaws is something ever-so homely about Tulleys, and Chop Shop is absolutely crazy. After going through it a few times I almost know what to expect now, and I still love it nonetheless, but the best thing I did was have some newbies go along with me. The screams! Like Monsters Inc, they fuelled me. I'm not sure what was scarier, a chainsaw being thrown besides my knees or the fact I was being dragged down by my friend cowering in fear. It was fantastic! Definitely drag your friends through this car shop, I'm sure the inhabitants are dying to meet them...
Haunted Hayride
Every year I ride this and expect to get bored, and every year my expectations are wrong. The Haunted Hayride is a classic Tulleys experience, you get to sit on the back of a tractor (which reminds you, you really are on a farm) and watch carnage unfold right before your very eyes. It's a mix of Evil Dead-like humour, and terrifying creatures that embark along with you. The sets vary each year, so no scare is the same, and it's a staple. Even for those who maybe aren't so accustomed towards being chased by a crazed clown, this is the perfect starter to ease them into something more uncomfortable.
A few other 'top takes' from Shocktober fest are...

  • The VILE white smoke room in The Wreckoning
  • The roaming actors 
  • The snake from The Cellar
  • and the Choco Kebab. 

Have you been before? Which are your go-to attractions?

You can find out more about this event here -
*These tickets were gifted